Computer, IT and Web Courses

Technology is rapidly evolving and affects our daily lives as we are constantly connected and are able to access information on demand.

With new solutions to real world and business-related problems being released on a regular basis, studying a computer course could put you at the forefront of developing the next big thing.

Our courses are tailored to cover the current trends of the ever-advancing industry.  Consequently, there is a strong demand for our graduates equipped with invaluable technical and practical skills to enter the fast-paced computing world.

These courses will give you confidence in your knowledge of common system and network architectures and system development approaches, requirements capture, design methods, models, tools and techniques.

Why you choose LSBR for your education

100% Online

The qualifications at LSBR are 100% Online


Advance your career

74% say their qualification played a vital role in their career advancement.


Increase your salary

78% increase their earning potential within a year.


Cost Effective

Typically British degree starts from GBP £14,000 per annum, but with LSBR, you enjoy saving upto 60% on your educational investment.

Enhance your credibility

The qualification is fully accredited and recognised and add values to your educational profile.


All assessments are done via submission of assignments / dissertation project.


Live tutor support via Chat and email for qualifications delivered by us.

Super Charge your Future

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